25th EISIC (August, 25-26, 2022, Visby)

EISIC 25th – Full Program

Conference Proceedings

ISBN 9791221015904

Angelini Antonella

Sustainable tourism and Albergo Diffuso. A customer experience assessment

Antikainen Maria

Anatomy of sustainable service-based business

Asi Aisa, Floris Michela, Argiolas Giuseppe

Bridging Relational Asymmetry through Sustainable Servitization: An Exploratory Study

Bäckström Ingela, Ingelsson Pernilla, Hasselblad Annika

A model for creating a shared picture of customer expectations

Bertezene Sandra, Vallat David, Michel Philippe, Martin Jacques

Have health professionals become do-it-yourself professionals?

Carignani Francesco, Iodice Gesualda, Greco Fabio, Bifulco Francesco

Enhancement and archaeological incoming. The Campi Flegrei experience

Chiarini Andrea, Cobelli Nicola, Brunetti Federico

Smart technologies and environmental management. Exploratory research from Italy

Ciasullo Maria Vincenza, Douglas Alex, Ferrara Miriana

The role of digital technologies to enhance corporate sustainability. An explorative analysis in the food and beverage service sector

Corazza Ilaria, Spataro Veronica, Hazelet Jan, Bonciani Manila, De Rosis Sabina

Rethinking youth’s engagement in evaluating the experience of hospitalization

Cosimato Silvia, Vona Roberto

The Blue economy potential for the development of the Adriatic Marine Sustainable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Cronemyr Peter, Smeds Magdalena

Do Big Data Analytics Lead to Tampering?

Cutugno Mariapia, Abbate Tindara, Cesaroni Fabrizio

Digital Service Innovation: exploration of Sicilian wineries

Eriksson Maria, Edlund Christer

Preventative actions in public services – a study of Skolfam

Fuster Begoña, Lillo-Bañuls Adelaida, Martínez Mora Carmen

Evolution of Offshoring and Reshoring in Tourism Services: the Spanish Case

Hemilä Jukka

From the hype to real business by utilizing Digital Twins in industrial services

Ingelsson Pernilla, Bäckström Ingela, Mårtensson Anna, Snyder Kristen

Assessing Quality Culture over Time

Isaksson Raine, Rmanathan Swaminathan, Rosvall Max

Understanding University Sustainability – A preliminary study

Karapetrovic Stanislav

Another ISO 10000 + Application: Two courses, years and standards

Kern Christian, Klute-Wenig Sandra, Refflinghaus Robert

Using agile techniques for setting up a quality management system for startups

Marinkovic Sanja, Barjaktarovic Rakocevic Sladjana, Tornjanski Vesna

Enhancing innovation management competencies in banking

Martin Jacques

Could a virus save our software? Some reflections on post-coronavirus management

Martin Jacques, Baccarani Claudio, Brunetti Federico

Sustainability and decarbonization: can we afford it? Some implications for management

Masili Giorgia, Cerruti Corrado, Binci Daniele, Giraldi Luca

Distributed Teams: the effectiveness of the agile approach

Moura e Sá

The use of mixed methods in quality management research: a literature review

Navarro Priscilla, Cronemyr Peter, Huge-Brodin Maria, Sandberg Erik

Dynamic capabilities and process management: synergies, conflicts and missing relations

Nicoletti Bernardo

Best Practices for DFSS in Servitization

Padrò Fernando

Academic freedom as both quality assurance and quality control mechanisms for universities

Papaioannou Alkistis, Balaska Panagiota, Yfantidou Georgia, Koronios Konstantinos

The impact of organizational culture on organizational commitment and innovation: Evidence from sport enterprises

Paul Leonie, Liu Shuangqi, Persson-Fischier Ulrika

Covid-19 and the MICE industry: challenges, opportunities and potential strategies

Peruzzo Elisa, De Rosis Sabina

Users’ experience with healthcare services: good practices from Tuscany hospitals

Polese Francesco, Carrubbo Luca, Ciasullo Maria Vincenza, Megaro Antonietta

Reasoned transparency in AI systems as enabling factor of value co-creation in case of neurodegenerative diseases

Raanan Yossi

Upcycling – Can it be done with Higher Education?

Ramanathan Swaminathan, Isaksson Raine, Rosvall Max

Process Based System Model to Understand & Define Dynamic Materiality & Value Accounting for Sustainability Reporting: A Quality for Sustainability Case

Rantala Tuija, Hakanen Taru, Salo Minna

Data-driven decision making related to future service robotics

Rosvall Max

Conceptual clarifications of the process based system model: the case of innovation in Swedish cement-based building materials

Salo Minna, Hakanen Taru, Rantala Tuija

Customer value creation through multi-purpose service-robot-enabled solutions

Satta Giovanni, Vitellaro Francesco , Njikatoufon Abdel Ganir, Risitano Marcello

Green strategies of port managing bodies: Empirical evidence of stakeholder prioritization in Italian ports

Spataro Veronica, De Rosis Sabina, Vainieri Milena

User preferences for service delivery along chronic care pathways: results from a discrete choice experiment

Spyridopoulou Eleni, Yfantidou Georgia, Katsoni Vicky, Koustelios Athanasios

Human Resources training and development through internship programs for students

Stojanović Dragana, Simeunović Barbara, Tomašević Ivan, Slović Dragoslav, Jovanović Ivona

The BPM in service oriented companies: Experience of Serbia

Tashfeen Ahmad

Student Development via Service Learning: Lessons Learned

Vargas-Sànchez Alfonso

The development of the circular economy in the Spanish tourism industry: The role of technology start-ups

Vouzas Fotios, Alomair Sara, Romagnoli Daniela

The Impact of Technology and Distance Learning on the Future of Education in Saudi Arabia

Wild Nadine, Cano Michele

Organisational sustainability using Quality Management: a conceptual framework for practitioners

Winell Erik

Engagement Platforms: The Influence of Virtual and Physical Engagement Platforms on Value, Loyalty and Word of Mouth

Yfantidou Georgia, Ntobriki Evangelia, Spyridopoulou Eleni, Papaioannou Alkistis, Balaska Panagiota

Educational tourism: A pilot study on caves at primary education