Post-Covid Management think-tank

Dear users,

we have decided to open this forum on our website which is a think-tank dedicated to the analysis of the present COVID crisis, to its origins, manifestations, consequences, and new and renewed answers to it.
We invite anyone who wants to contribute, whatever the approach adopted, to send us ( their contribution which will be posted in this section of our website entitled “Post-covid management think-tank”. Everyone who wishes to, will have the opportunity and will be free to comment on the contributions made.
At regular intervals a synthesis of the work done will be made, which itself will be open to comments.


1-Post-Coronavirus Tourism in Spain: The D-Day, By Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, University of Huelva, Spain

2-Some thoughts on Covid-19 communication transparency, By Jacques Martin, University of Toulon, France (Hon.) and Claudio Baccarani, University of Verona, Italy (Hon.)

3-Just a restart or a new beginning? Post-COVID business choices, towards a new business?, By Claudio Baccarani,
University of Verona, Italy (Hon.) and Federico Brunetti, University of Verona, Italy

4-Further thoughts on Covid-19 communication transparency.
By Yossi Raanan, Levinsky College of Education, Israel

5-Antifragility for handling a systemic crisis. Some reflections about SMEs in the Covid age. By Ciasullo Maria V., University of Salerno, Italy, Douglas A., The TQM Journal Editor, Montera R., University of Salerno, Italy

6-Consultation on the Impact of Covid-19 on the working lives of business, management and economics’ academics in UK – 2020. By James Walker, Chris Brewster, Rita Fontinha, International Business & Strategy, Henley Business School at the University of Reading, UK.

7-Fighting Covid-19 as an army would fight its enemy? By Sandra Bertezene, le CNAM, Paris. Jacques Martin, ESOE

8-Covidalculation and Covidmunication. Some methodological insights. By Jacques Martin, ESOE, Claudio Baccarani, University of Verona and
Federico Brunetti, University of Verona.