22nd EISIC (Thessaloniki, 2019)

Proceedings of 22nd Excellence in Services International Conference

Thessaloniki (Greece) 29-30 August 2019

Full programme

The economic impact of cultural events. A focus on professionals’ perceptions
Baratta R., Cassia F., Simeoni F.
Efficiency and quality in services: empirical results from Data Envelopment Analysis in Nursing Homes in Italy
Barsanti R., Bunea A., Colombini G., Pardini E.
Empowering internal customers by developing their engagement – The case of CCE Ltd.
Bizjan A., Jovanović J., Kiauta M. , Rahelić I.
Blockchain acceptance and adoption in the tourism industry
Bolici F., Acciarini C., Marchegiani L., Pirolo L.
Are Current SERVQUAL Dimensions Applicable for Measuring Service Quality within the Scottish Emergency Services?
Bruce D., Cano M., Viza E.
New banks in the 4th industrial revolution: a review and typology
Bȕchi G., Fasolo L., Cugno M., Zerbetto A., Castagnoli R.
Applying the “servicescape theory” to the museums: first evidence from Italy
Castellani P., Conti E., Rossato C., Vesci M.
A dualistic interpretation of value in higher education: Comparing students and academics’ perspectives
Cavallone M., Manna R., Ciasullo MV., Palumbo R.
Industry 4.0 and environmental sustainability. An empirical research inside a manufacturing company
Chiarini A., Kumar M.
Online content responsiveness. An exploratory empirical study on strategies for managing UGC in Italian hotels
Ciasullo MV., Montera R., Palumbo R.
Can value co-creation in SMEs be obtained through mHealth service digitalization?
Cobelli N., Chiarini A.
The continuous collection of user experience for timely addressing critical factors of the hospital journey
Coletta L., Murante AM., Nuti S.
Marital Status as a Key Factor of the Choice for Vacation Type and Outdoor Recreation Sport Chosen by Tourists in East Macedonia and Thrace in Greece
Dalakalis A., Yfantidou G., Costa G., Tzetzis G.
Effects of packaging in the perception of dietetic cookies
De Luca M., Campo R., Trio O., Reinoso Carvalho F.
Factorial structure for independent coffee shops and cafes’ success factors: a UK study
Douglas J., Douglas A., Cano M., Moyes D.
Smart tourism and social networks: state of the art
Elizondo Saltos A., Vargas-Sánchez A.
Sustainability in museums practices evidences from Italian perspective
Esposito A., Fisichella C.
Evaluating the quality of banking services for SMEs internationalization: a study in Italy
Formisano V., Sanguigni V., Tartaglione AM., Fedele M., Cavacece Y.
Marketing practice in management consulting: an empirical analysis
Gabbianelli M., Pencarelli T.
Extrovert integrated management systems
Gianni M., Gotzamani K.
Self-organization and self-determination versus creativity
Hoeborn G., Heinich P.
The reason lies in the unwillingness, the inability is only a pretext (Seneca) – Development of the creative model ugvoss to implementa successful change management
Hoeborn G., Hoeborn G., Heinich P.
Describing building sustainability innovation potential – Block making in Tanzania and Uganda
Isaksson R., Buregyeya A.
Concept for selecting and integrating traceability systems in the continuous improvement process of SMEs
Kern C., Refflinghaus R., Trostmann T., Wenzel S., Wittine N., Herrlich F.
Enhancing sustainability through education, starting at the bottom
Kirshner M., Raanan Y.
Domestic vs. foreign consumer attitudes toward global retail brands: the case of Starbucks in the US and in Italy
Magno F., Cassia F.
Putting higher education services’ quality at work: The employability of Italian doctors of philosophy
Manna R., Palumbo R., Cavallone M.
« Imagine… » Climate change and management
Martin J., Baccarani C., Brunetti F.
Collaborative design in public services: a problem reframing case
Moura e Sá P., Frade C., Jesus F., Lopes M., Maneca T., Raposo V.
TQM’s presence within legal systems: Example of impact on higher education
Padro FF., Chang H., C., Jonathan H., Greena,C,, Trimmerb GK.
A big data-oriented approach to decision-making: a systematic literature review
Polese F., Troisi O., Grimaldi M., Romeo E.
Investigating service quality in Greek citizens service centres
Psomas E., Keramida E., Bouranta N., Koemtzj M.
The Public Value of E-Government: A Blockchain-Based Approach
Sabbagh P.
Walking tourism: opportunities and threats for sustainable development. The case of the ‘va’ sentiero’ project
Simeoni F., De Crescenzo V.
Religious Influences on Unrestrained Consumption
Singh J., Singh G., Kumar S., Srivastava HS.
A Longitudinal Study of New Product Development Capability in Generalist Australian Grass Roots Suppliers – An Insight into In-novation
Styger LEJ., Edwards MG., Chiang KN., Richardson LP.
Navigating the Double Death Valley Curve of New Product Introduction and Successful Product Lifecycle Management – A Longitudinal Study into Product Development Strategy in Regulated Australian Grass Roots Suppliers
Styger LEJ., Edwards MG., Chiang KN., Richardson LP.
Questioning the validity of the knowledge produced in management sciences: The case of the elaboration of a ‘digital strategy’ in a group of the sanitary, social and medico-social sector
Vallat D., Bertezene S., Martin J.
Creating memorable service experiences to hotel senior guests
Vigolo V., Bonfanti A., Sallaku R., Baratta R.
Six Sigma and Lean approach for enhanced process value chain
Zulfiqar M., Cano M.