26th Excellence in Services International Conference (31 August – 1 September 2023, University of West Scotland, Paisley)

Ralitsa Arnaudova, Rangila Gurung, Michele Cano

Identifying Elements Contributing to Effective Online Learning Delivery in Higher Education Institutions – A Systematic Literature Review

Ingela Bäckström, Lilly-Mari Sten, Thomas Persson-Slumpi, Malin Bolin

Experiences with and causes of work interruptions and fragmentation in academia – How can they be managed?

Sandra Bertezene, David Vallat, Philippe Michel, Jacques Martin

Deciding in turmoil: Four University Hospital Centres in the Covid-19

Daniele Binci

Earth Observation and Sustainable Development Goals: a scoping review

Jonas Boström, Johan Lilja

A Space for Understanding and Facilitating Transformational Change in a Swedish Healthcare Context

Hadjer Boulila, Widad Metadjer, Seyf Eddine Benbekhti

What if banking was green? An essay to quantify the effect of fintech on financial inclusion and environmental sustainability

Federico Brunetti, Angelo Bonfanti, Francesco Bonetti, Arianna Persi

Improving efficiency in tribunals through a fixed-term workforce: The experience of Verona and Vicenza judicial districts

Antonella Cammarota, Francesca Avallone, Vittoria Marino, Riccardo Resciniti

University activism: a new dimension of the university public engagement?

Andrea Chiarini, Nicola Cobelli

Performing audits in a service company which is implementing Lean and ISO 9001 principles. A case study from Italy

Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Alexander Douglas, Emilia Romeo, Miriana Ferrara

What about digital servitization? Insights from a bibliometric-interpretative review

Hilary J. Collins

Creating a value driven entrepreneurship opportunity using design thinking and ‘servitisation’

Emanuela Conti, Linda Gabbianelli, Tonino Pencarelli

Food Safety and Communication in Italian Agri-Food Firms

Simona Curiello, Leonardo Di Gioia, Fiammetta Fanizza, Enrica Iannuzzi, Claudio Nigro, Fiorella Spallone, Rosa Spinnato

Digital Transformation challenge for Italian Universities’ education: isomorphism or hybridization?

Nikolaos Danias, Anastasios Koukopoulos

Artificial Intelligence and Regulation: Total Quality Management for Mental Health Services

Jacqueline Douglas, Alexander Douglas, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Rocco Palumbo

An evaluation of the critical incident technique and its use within the global higher education community

Annamaria Esposito, Chiara Fisichella

Museum Sustainability: Perspectives from Generation Z

Martha Friel, Grazia Murtarelli, Vittorio Ottaviani

How is it made? Industrial tourism and company openings for corporate branding

Marco Giannini

The excellence of the service starts from the relative delivery process

Maria Gianni, Katerina Gotzamani

Lean and digital dimensions of organisational culture as antecedents of the intention to use Industry 4.0 technologies

Luca Giraldi, Luca Rossi, Elena Cedrola

Examining the Impact of Smart Working on Economic Sustainability

Xiuli Guo, Bobby Mackie, Pravin Balaraman, Eileen Conlan

Understanding postgraduate students’ perception of service quality: a qualitative approach

Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti, Greta Colombi, Filippo Corsini, Alessandra Borghini, Marco Frey

Supporting water resource resilience through an integrated risk management and collaborative approach: a management model for Water Safety Plans

Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti, Tiziana Iannuzzi, Filippo Corsini, Marco Frey

Circular Economy in the tourism sector: a stakeholders’ perceptions analysis in the Mediterranean area

Raine Isaksson, Swaminathan Ramanathan, Max Rosvall, Arezou Ahmadi

The Sustainability Opportunity Study. The Case of Swedish Cement and Concrete

Mikael Johnson, Daniela Lundesgaard

Creating space for user involvement. The impact of system boundaries and stakeholders´ role on the outcome of service design

Ivona Jovanović, Barbara Simeunović, Milena Gatić, Nemanja Tulimirović, Dragoslav Slović

Lean implementation in Hospitality: challenges and future directions

Stanislav Karapetrovic

ISO 10001/2/3/4/8 in teaching: 2022/23 update

Christian Kern, Sandra Klute-Wenig, Robert Refflinghaus

Implementing user stories by applying sprints in a microenterprise

Efthalia Kontou, Ilias Avdikos, Maria Gianni, Eftychia Kessopoulou, Styliani Xanthopoulou

Springboarding on EFQM in vocational education – A stakeholder perspective

Wojciech Marek Kwiatkowski

Upsetting clients to keep them satisfied – the paradox of service delivery in a specialised IT consultancy

Laura Lebec

Approaches to quality for third sector organisations delivering social care in Scotland

Davide Liberato lo Conte, Giuseppe Sancetta

Ethical businesses in an ethical world: does the adoption of the Italian “legality rating” affect firms’ insolvency risk?

Jacques Martin, Ta Huy Hùng, Claudio Baccarani, Federico Testa

Towards the wellbeing enterprise: inspiration from Plato, Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius. An explorative study of some companies in Vietnam

Jacques Martin

Homo economicus versus ζῷον πoλιτικόν: the Return of the Macedonian

Giorgia Masili, Daniele Binci, Corrado Cerruti

Democratising Software and Applications Development: A Multiple Case Study

Taylor McCafferty, Ralitsa Arnaudova, Michele Cano

Impact of Implementation of Digital Record Systems on Service Setting. A Case Study of Care Homes in the United Kingdom

Louise Östberg, Maria Eriksson

Collaborative improvement as a driver for excellence – findings from a systematic literature review

Fernando F. Padró, Heejin Chang, Frey Parkes

The academic integrity-artificial intelligence nexus: An institutional and personal normative risk to quality of learning and teaching at higher education institutions

Carlos Peixeira Marques

Degrowth or sustainable growth? Changes in tourism habits after COVID-19

Ronnie Peralta Santana, Evdoxia Viza, Alex Douglas

Lean Six Sigma Methodology within the Public Sector

Andrea Pozzi, Philipp Wassler, Mauro Cavallone, Alessandro Danovi

A review of the notion of creative tourism

Max Rosvall

Process mapping for relevance – revisiting the sustainability opportunity study

Caterina Rota, Federico Brunetti, Angelo Bonfanti

Unlocking Innovation Culture in Judicial Environment. A conceptual analysis & framework

David Runosson, Peter Cronemyr

Prediction of Total Quality performance

Juozas Ruževičius, Agnė Žemgulytė

The Link between Customer Trust, Social Responsibility and Quality of the Product

Karen Squires

Using Critical Incident Methodology in Healthcare Leadership: a first-time users experience

Karen Squires

Identifying enabling and limiting experiences in female leaders at a NHS healthcare trust using Critical Incident Technique

Lilly-Mari Sten, Pernilla Ingelsson, Marie Häggström, Ingela Bäckström

The relationship between teamwork and sustainable quality culture in transitional care

Ivan Tomašević, Dragana Stojanović, Dušan Vujović, Dragoslav Slović

Streamlining clinical trial start-up with a Kanban system: a case study to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Alessio Travasi, Fabio Musso

The slow establishment of Fashion-as-a-Service: Evidence from the changing behaviour of fashion consumers

Dismely Claribel Vargas Taveras, Evi Viza, Alex Douglas

Can Organisations in the Service Industry achieve sustainability development based on Quality Management?

Fotis Vouzas, Efthalia Keramida, Evangelos Psomas

The influence of Lean adoption on operational performance in the Greek citizen’s service centers

Lisabet Wieslander

Mapping review: presenting a need for future investigation into how the Magnet model affects nurses