21st EISIC (Paris 2018)

Proceedings of 21st Excellence in Services International Conference

Le Cnam 30-31 August 2018


TQM and Competitive Advantage: Experiences within the Engineering, Electronics, and IT Industrial Sectors in Amman
Abu-rumman A.

Employees’ satisfaction in health sector: a structural equation approach
Antonelli V., D’Alessio R., Torre C., Cafaro E.

Environmental sustainability and hospitality. An exploratory research on modalities, motivations and barriers
Baratta R., Vargas-Sánchez A., Ugolini M.

Best Practices of Providers Advisory Services After the Adoption of e-Procurement Solutions: the Italian Market Case
Belisari S., Binci D.

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Ethics: Proposal for a control system for health organizations
Bertezene S., Vallat D., Martin J.

Effects of severity and knowledge of a scandal on the perceived ethical behaviour and attitude towards a company: an intercultural perspective on CSR management
Bowen M., Freidank J., Wannow S., Cavallone M.

How environmentally friendly is e-commerce? An exploration into young shoppers’ perceptions and preferences
Brunetti F., Russo I., Confente I.

Can Portfolio, Programme and Project Management be effective in Lean Management Implementation?
Cano M., Garnett J., Kourouklis A.

SMEs survival research project in Northern Italy
Castellani P., Rossato C., Simeoni F., Baratta R.

“Turnà a ‘Ndomà” when public service co-production meets territorial identity
Cavallone M., Palumbo R.

Consumer experience, customer value, and branding
Chen S.-C.

Why service companies are not implementing EMAS as they are with ISO 14001. An exploratory research based on Italian service companies
Chiarini A.

User Acceptance of Hedonic Information System: a structural equation model to understand why some people prefer Apple products
Ciasullo M., Troisi O., Maione G.

Identifying critical success factors for Southern Italy SMEs: Some evidence from a pilot study
Ciasullo M., Cosimato S., Troisi O.

The impact of services and the experiential components on the global customer experience: preliminary results from an Italian art city
Conti E., Forlani F., Pencarelli T.

The last challenge of sustainable development: sustainable happiness
Cosimato S., Del Prete M., Faggini M.

The effect of demographics on tourist experience and competitiveness of tourist destinations in eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Dalakis A., Yfantidou G., Costa G.

The role of citizen-based support and finance mechanisms for strengthening and managing energy transition
De Crescenzo V., Simeoni F.

Communicating the third mission on Italian universities’ websites A discourse analysis perspective
Della Volpe M., Esposito F.

Concept store and service quality: real or fake increase?
Dettori A., Caboni F., Giudici E.

Investigating the Success of Independent Coffee Shops and Cafes in the UK: Findings from a Pilot Study
Douglas J., Douglas A., Cano M., Moyes D.

Branding cultural institutions: A new era for italian museums. Randing Cultural Institutions
Esposito A., Besana A.

Investigating the links between the use of Internet, value co-creation and customer satisfaction in the banking sector
Formisano V., Cavacece Y., Moretta Tartaglione A., Fedele  M.

What are the right performance dimensions to gain customers’ satisfaction? A configural approach in the logistics service provider context
Gaudenzi B., Confente I., Russo I.

E-Service pricing: State-of-the-art analysis and requirements mapping
Hatzl S., Knefz-Reichmann A., Pergler E., Jungwirth G.

Definition of Creativity and Access to Creativity
Hoeborn G., Heinich P.

Supporting and hindering factors of creativity
Hoeborn G., Heinich P.

Modelling and measuring excellence for sustainability: examples from building in Tanzania
Isaksson R., Kinabo L.

Customer education in service organizations: A proposed framework to enhance customer experience
Junaid M., Raza A., Goudarzi K.

QM system: supporting organizational energy, the case of CCE Ltd
Kiauta M., Jovanovic J., Bizjan A., Rahelic I

Understanding the electricity market through the lens of service dominant logic
Larsson T.

The effects of altruistic and egoistic motivations on online reviews writing frequency
Magno F., Cassia F., Bonfanti A., Vigolo V.

Bullied and bounced: an investigation of school bullying aftermaths among pupils with migrant background
Manna R., Adinolfi P., Calzone S., Palumbo R.

“The Banquet” or the Art of management
Martin J.

Some management paradoxes
Martin J., Baccarani C., Brunetti F.

Hotel selection: The evaluation of competitive alternatives and their impact on guests’ service
Mauri A., Minazzi R., Ivanov S.

Public-private partnerships potentials in European health care systems
Milosavljevic M., Milanovic N., Dobrota M.

Are vulnerable customers being left behind by voice mechanisms embedded in quality frameworks?
Moura e Sa P., Martins R.

How social media platform can support value cocreation activities in healthcare
Musso A., Pinna R., Melis G., Carrus P.P.

How to implement green logistics using improvement processes for increasing environmental initiatives in freight transport companies
Navarro P., Cronemyr P., Huge-Brodin M.

The prevalence of workplace Internet gambling and its effects on productivity: A survey among management level professionals about quality management, continuous improvement and innovation in Vietnamese organizations
Ndegwa M., Njihia S. N., James M.

The role of regulation in Higher Education: Facilitator or inhibitor?
Raanan Y.

What is that thing called internal quality assurance system?
Sanchez-Puchol F., Pastor-Collado J.A., Casanovas J.

Tourism Service Strategy for Japanese Traditional Ryokan: Proposing visitors a well-being long-term stay with town resource integration
Sato C., Okude N.

Social Media and customer engagement in tourism: Evidence from Facebook corporate pages of leading cruise companies
Satta G., Parola F., Buratti N., Persico L.

Mindful Leadership for Sustainability: a theoretical and conceptual path
Saviano M., Caputo F., Del Prete M.

Standardized augmentative subsystems in Serbian industry
Selakovic K., Spasojevic V., Karapetrovic S.

From a pilot survey to improve the quality of a research: The case of the SMEs survival research project in Italy
Simeoni F., Baratta R., Rossato C., Castellani P.

The impact of tourism on the wellbeing of residents
Tokarchuk O., Gabriele R., Maurer O.

ISO 10008 in Two Engineering Courses
Vargas-Villarroel P., Karapetrovic S.