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22nd Excellence in Services International Conference at Thessaloniki (2019)

21th Excellence in Services International Conference at Paris (2018)


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19th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Huelva (2016)

18th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Palermo (2015) 

  • Social responsibility in the medical and social sector: the exmaple of France
  • Does social couponing stimulate positive E-word-of-mouth and referrals?
  • E-tailing as an evolution of the distribution channel in tourism
  • Scholarly management journals: Are they relevant for practitioners? Results of a pilot study
  • Towards a perfect learning process. – Where is Sweden?
  • Implementing clusters for economic development in emerging economies: the case of Luong Bamboo sector in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
    Nguyen Ngoc Dung-Martin
  • How universities institutionalize ‘good’ managerial practices? Some evidence from the Italian cultural sector

17th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Liverpool (2014)

16th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Ljubljana (2013)

  • Serious Games: Leverage for Knowledge Management
    Bayart C., Bertezene S., Martin J., Vallat D.
  • Social Media Marketing in the Wellness Industry
    Lagrosen S., Grundén K.
  • Strategic Planning and Benchmarking Perceptions and Concerns from Public and Private Western Balkan Universities
    Papadimitriou A.
  • Efficiency Levels of Public Sector Units – Empirical Analysis for Local Jurisdictions in Slovenia
    Pevcin P.
  • A 5 Senses Perspective to Quality in Hospitals
    Baccarani C., Ugolini M.
  • Loyalty and Switching Behavior among Corporate Energy Customers: A Study in the Italian Context
    Vigolo V., Cassia F.
  • Service quality kaizen blitz: the road to improving customer satisfaction
    Teehan R., Tucker W.

15th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Rishon Lezion (2012)

  • Services Branding: Is it a Matter of Gender?
    Ugolini M., Cassia F., Vigolo V.
  • Optimising the pathway for an organisational change management program
    Cocks G.
  • The last minute market model: An innovative service of efficient assortment management in a sustainability perspective
    Bonfanti A., Brunetti F., Castellani P.
  • Improving the quality of services at the University of Oviedo
    Suárez A.A., Albañil P., Alonso J., Martís R., Catalán C., Pascual M.G.

14th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference “Excellence in Services” at Alicante (2011)

  • The creation of sustainable value in SMEs: a case study
    Ciasullo M, Troisi O.
  • Co-Innovation in Creative Intensive Business Services: The Role of Clients in Advertising Agencies’ Innovation Processes
    Masiello B., Marasco A., Izzo F.
  • Schools Self-Assessment: A Study on the Levels of Stakeholders’ Involvement in the Process
    Moura e Sá P., Maia I.
  • Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Tourism: Empirical Evidence from the Province of Pesaro Urbino
    Splendiani S., Pencarelli T., Dini M.
  • Teaching Innovation Projects Associated with the Introduction of the new Information Technologies (ICTS) Improve Expected Educational Results: The Case of Engineering Studies at the University of Oviedo
    Suárez A., Pascual M., Alonso J., Fuentes R., Catalán C., Martís R.
  • Approaches for Reducing Medical Errors and Increasing Patient Safety: TRM, Quality and 5QS Method
    Zineldin M., Zineldin J., Vasicheva V.

13th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference “Excellence in Services” at Coimbra (2010)

  • Which Quality for System Competitiveness? The “Long-Tail” Touristic Service Case
    Pilotti L., Tedeschi-Toschi A., Apa R.
  • From Industrial Museums to Cultural Industry. An Empirical Exploration of how this Heritage is being Safeguarded by the Members of Museimpresa
    Castellani P., Rossato C., Ciarmela L.
  • Alliances and Groupings in the Local Public Transportation Sector: A Preliminary Survey of Strategic Motivations
    Danovi A., Karletsos D.
  • Board Compensation in the Italian Public Utilities
    Menozzi A., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G.
  • Distances in Public Administrators’ and Elected Officials’ Perspectives on Services Quality: Exploring the Implications for Citizens’ Role in Quality Improvement Processes
    Cassia Fabio, Magno F.

12th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference “Excellence in Services” at Verona (2009)

  • A Set of Statistical Techniques to Implement Continuous Improvement: Outcomes of a Citizen’s Satisfaction Survey
    Cappelli L., Guglielmetti R., Mattia G., Merli R., Renzi M.F.
  • Emerging Concepts for Implementing Strategy
    Cocks G.
  • Market Orientation and Adoption of Quality Management Tools in Greek Universities
    Papadimitriou A., Westerheijden D.
  • New Enterprise Models: Trial Runs of “Capitalism with a Human Face”
    Brunetti F.

11th Toulon-Verona Conference “Excellence in Services” at Florence (2008)

  • The Application of Quality Function Deployment in Service Quality Management
    Andronikidis A., Georgiou A.C., Gotzamani K., Kamvisi K.
  • Process Improvement Measures in Social Area Organizations: A Study in Institutions for Elderly: Survey Preliminary Results
    Antunes G., Pires A., Machado V.
  • Mastering Performance through Quality and Networking: The Example of French Social and Medical Establishments
    Bertezene S., Martin J.
  • Comparing Critical Incident Technique and Survey Questionnaires as a Means of Collecting Student Feedback
    Douglas J., McClelland R., Sudbury L., Davies J.
  • Organisational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Higher Education Service Quality: The Case of Technological Educational Institute of Larissa
    Trivellas P., Dargenidou D.