15th TVC (Rishon Lezion, 2012)

Proceedings of 15th Toulon-Verona Conference on “Excellence in Services”

College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon Lezion  |  3-5 September 2012


  • Index
  • Do you Want to Make an Impact with Quantitative Methods? Make Sure You Generate High InfoQ
    Ron S. Kenett
  • Improving the Quality of Services at the University of Oviedo
    Alberto A. Suárez, Pablo Albañil, Javier Alonso, Ramiro Martis, Carlos Catalan, Miguel Pascual
  • The Quality of a Training Course. A Survey on Determinants
    Raffaele Adinolfi, Orlando Troisi
  • Participatory Communication. A Case Study: Fuori Aula Network, University Of Verona Web-Radio
    Claudio Baccarani, Tiziana Cavallo, Alessia Rotta
  • The Implementation of Learning Methods and Techniques in the Serbian University Classroom
    Slađana Benković, Slađana Barjaktarović Rakočević
  • Lean in Practice: Lessons for Higher Education Institutes
    Michele Cano, Athanassios Kourouklis, Siobhan Drummond
  • Volunteering: Enhancing the Quality of the Student Experience
    Siobhan Drummond
  • Assessing the Quality of University Based on EFQM Model Excellence
    Milan Hutyra
  • Higher Education in Tourism for a More Sustainable and Competitive Sector in Euro-Mediterranean Area
    Salvatore Messina, Vito Roberto Santamato, Francesco Redi
  • An Elaborate New Paradigm for Higher Education
    Yossi Raanan
  • Rationalization and Institutionalization of Work Evaluation Practices. The Case of a Public Hospital
    Sandra Bertezene, Benjamin Dubrion, Jacques Martin
  • The Effect of Non-Work / Work Interface on Physicians’ Care Service
    Shirley Shlefer, Ran Lachman
  • Accreditation of Hospitals in Slovenia: What Does it Reveal?
    Biserka Simčič, Mircha Poldrugovac
  • Social Networks and the Situation of Blood Donation in Poland: A Logistics Perspective
    Jacek Szołtysek, Sebastian Twaróg, Martyna Wronka
  • The Total Quality Approach in Public Administration: Surveys in the 244 Municipalities of the Province of Bergamo
    Chiara Casadio
  • Productivity at SUMA Tax Offices: A Step Further
    Ramón Fuentes
  • Public Services Quality, Citizen Orientation and Austerity Programs: An Empirical Study of Trends and Evolving Practices within Italian Municipalities
    Francesca Magno, Fabio Cassia
  • The Effectiveness of Internal Auditing in Israeli Local Authorities: An Empirical Examination of its Determinants
    Gabriel Sayag
  • The Liberalization of Local Public Service in Italy and the Need for New Competences for a Different Role of the Public Sector
    Antonio Alizzi, Federico Testa
  • Total Quality Research of Tourism Services. Special Case: “Albergo Diffuso”
    Paola Orlandini, Cinzia Vallone, Anna De Toni, Raffaella Cecchetti
  • Sponsorship: A Service that Satisfies Different Stakeholders
    Paolo Pietro Biancone, Maura Mattalia
  • The Last Minute Market Model: An Innovative Service of Efficient Assortment Management in a Sustainability Perspective
    Angelo Bonfanti, Federico Brunetti, Paola Castellani
  • Optimising the Pathway for an Organisational Change Management Program
    Graeme Cocks
  • Aligning Organizational Structure with Strategy, through Business Processes Analysis
    Rafael Espinosa, Jorge Parada
  • Marketing Communication Strategies in Low Cost, Low Price, High Value Service Companies
    Annamaria Esposito
  • “La Città del Gusto e della Salute”: A New Model of Business Incubator Centers in Milan
    Alberto Nobolo, Anna De Toni
  • Managing Online Reputation: The Role of Social Media
    Paola B. Floreddu, Francesca Cabiddu
  • Key Success Factors of Social Services Organizations in the Public Sector
    Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka, Jacek Szołtysek, Maria Kotas
  • Six Sigma: Help or Hoax for Quality?
    Fausto Galetto
  • Internal Control in the Function of Raising of Management Quality in Banks
    Andrijana Lakićević, Snežana Knežević, Aleksandra Stanković, Veljko Dmitrović
  • The “ITER” of Systemic Marketing: An Effective Approach for Implementing a Successful Services’ (Consumer-)Persumer Involvement
    Alberto Marino
  • Benefits of Developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Israel
    Shiri Filberg
  • Sustainable Advantage for a Rural Family Business; Service Quality, Innovation, Relationship Capital, and Market Orientation
    David Moyes
  • Are Happy Customer Service Representatives More Efficient? The Relationship Between Happiness and Work Performance Among Insurance Company Call Center Representatives
    Hadar Shany, Oren Kaplan
  • An Exploration of Applying Knowledge Based Engineering into a Quality Management Framework – Extending the Quality Triangle for Establishing the first Principles of Knowledge Business Modelling
    Lee E.J. Styger
  • The Application of Supply Chain Analysis to the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Social Service Organizations
    Jacek Szołtysek, Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka
  • Services Branding: Is it a Matter of Gender?
    Marta Ugolini, Fabio Cassia, Vania Vigolo