14th TVC (Alicante, 2011)

Proceedings of 14th Toulon-Verona Conference on “Excellence in Services”

University of Alicante  |  1-3 September 2011


  • Index
  • University and Sports: How to Improve the CUS Services?
    Tindara Abbate, Angela Alibrandi, Maria Luiza Souca
  • Integrated Management Systems – Testing a Model for Integration
    Sten Abrahamsson, Jonas Hansson, Raine Isaksson
  • Productivity of Travel Agencies: A Comparative Analysis
    Alberto Álvarez-Suárez, Ramón Fuentes
  • Quality and Evaluation of Teaching in Spanish Universities
    Alvira, M.J. Aguilar, D. Betrisey, F. Blanco, A. Lahera-Sánchez, C. Mitxelena, C. Velázquez
  • An Evaluation Model for the Effectiveness of the General Practitioner (GP) in the Italian Health Care System
    Chiara Ambaglio, Laura Bottinelli, Enrica Pavione
  • The Supplier’s Contribution to the Value Co-Creation Process and the Effect on Business Value
    Antonella Angelini
  • Value Co-Creation through Multi Channels Distributions: The Nike ID Case
    Angioni, F. Cabiddu, M.C. Di Guardo
  • Improving ISO 9001:2008 with Six Sigma Methodology
    Glória Antunes, António Pires
  • Developing a Suitable Framework for Appropriate Project Management Application for IT Industry of Pakistan
    Kamran Arshad, Tariq Rafique, Azam Ishaque, Asim Nisar
  • The Need for Customer Education in High People-Density Services: A New Role for Service Providers
    Claudio Baccarani, Federico Brunetti
  • Waiting Lists in a Public Health Service: A Fact of Life or Time for a Change?
    Enrico Baldantoni, Emanuele Torri
  • Developing Adaptive E-Learning Portal in Higher Education
    Dušan Barać, Zorica Bogdanović, Aleksandar Milić, Branislav Jovanić, Božidar Radenković
  • Implementing an Ethical Governance in Homes for the Elderly
    José Barradas, Paulo Sampaio
  • Improving the Quality of the Coaching Process for Entrepreneurship: A Study of the Case of France
    Sandra Bertezene, Cyrille Ferraton, Jacques Martin, David Vallat
  • Implementing an Ethical Governance in Homes for the Elderly
    Sandra Bertezene, Jacques Martin
  • Management System and Control Model for Corporate Fraud Accountability (note 1)
    Paolo Pietro Biancone, Marco Bechis, Andrea Serlenga
  • Management System and Control Model for Corporate Fraud Accountability (note 2)
    Paolo Pietro Biancone, Marco Bechis, Andrea Serlenga
  • The Mediation as a High Quality Service to Resolve Disputes
    Paolo Pietro Biancone
  • Lean Management in Healthcare Organizations. New Experiences in Italian Context
    Francesco Bifulco, Carmen Raimondo
  • Geomarketing to Support the Strategies of the Gardaland Amusement Park
    Angelo Bonfanti, Paola Castellani, Chiara Rossato
  • Staying Excellent: Managing Challenges to Excellence
    Alan Brown
  • A Model for Benchmarking Service Quality: Small Hotels on the Periphery
    Michele Cano, Siobhan Drummond, Athanassios Kourouklis
  • Evaluation of Continuous Improvement Approaches within the Scottish Manufacturing Sector
    Michele Cano, Abdessamad Kobi
  • Generic Medicines Non-Adoption: Investigating the Perceptions and Attitudes of Customers and the Role of Health Professionals’ Service Network
    Fabio Cassia, Nicola Cobelli, Liz Gill
  • Customers’ Perception of Banking Services’ Quality: An Empirical Evidence
    Mauro Cavallone, Michele Modina
  • The Creation of Sustainable Value in SMEs. A Case Study
    Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Orlando Troisi
  • Identifying Opportunity Gaps in the Quest for Excellence
    Graeme Cocks
  • Competence Gaps in Company Directors in New Zealand
    Graeme Cocks, Jens Mueller, Coral Ingley, Morina Rennie
  • Word of Mouth in the Tourism Industry: An Empirical Investigation of Service Experience
    Ilenia Confente
  • The First Implementation in Italy of 112 as Unique Emergency Dial Number (UEN). The Varese Project Managed by AREU
    Cristina Corbetta, Gabriele Dassi, Andrea Francesconi, Alberto Zoli
  • Quality Management at Institutes of Higher Education
    Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, Gudrun Gaedke, Gerald Janous, Stefanie Recker
  • New Technology for Strategic Management Policy in Small Areas: The ‘GIS Piedmont Region
    Monica Cugno, Angela Scilla
  • How Teachers and Students May Work to Build a More Sustainable World
    Silvia Dessì, Ernestina Giudici
  • Virtual University Corporation: Key Strategy in Creating Competitive Advantage in Higher Education in Third World Countries
    Milan Z. Dimitrijevic
  • Data Mining in Medicine: Using Cart for Prediction of Outcome in Septic Patient Treatment
    Marina Dobrota, Milica Bulajic, Zoran Radojicic
  • Public Administration, Communication Technologies and Crowdsourcing: Opportunity for Social Change
    Mirjana Drakulić, Djordje Krivokapić, Mina Mirkovic
  • Insights about Communication Planning in Health Care: An Exploratory Study
    Annamaria Esposito
  • Professional Identity and the Psycho-Social Contract: The Ideological Link to Commitment
    João Fontes da Costa, Teresa Carla Oliveira
  • Competition in the Organized Retail Market and the Role of Brand: Empirical Evidence in an Italian Town
    Giovanni Fraquelli, Anna Menozzi
  • Technology and Training in Tourism Economics: A Preliminary Study of the Suitability of Tools
    Ramón Fuentes Pascual, Adelaida Lillo Bañuls, José Francisco Perles Ribes
  • The Assessment of Cultural Experience through Learning Processes: A Model for Individual, Firm and Territory System Viable Competitiveness
    Carmen Gallucci, Piera Bellelli, Giuliana Saccà
  • Method for Screening Sustainability Reports in the Financial Services Industry
    Gil Gomes Dos Santos, Dong Han, Gerald Reiner, Kilian Stoffel
  • Building China’s Rural Healthcare Performance Evaluation System: A Tuscan Perspective
    Hao Li
  • University Support to Regional Development – Process Based Stakeholder Management in Gotland
    Raine Isaksson
  • The Learning Process of Health Service Procurement
    Stefan Lagrosen, Yvonne Lagrosen
  • Educational Value in Distance and in Campus Education Seen from a Stakeholder Perspective – The Case of Sweden
    Mia Ljungblom, Raine Isaksson
  • Surveys as an Instrument for Evaluating the Educational Process: An Experience in the Tourism Degree of the University of Alicante
    Lloret Llinares, R. Evangelio Llorca, M. J. Pastor Alfonso, J. R. Valero Escandell, R. Fuentes Pascual, M. P. Such Climent
  • Manager’s and Citizen’s Perspective of Positive and Negative Risks for Small Probabilities
    Alberto Lombardo, Stefano Barone
  • Are Citizens Always Right? Investigating Why Citizens’ Inputs are not Always Beneficial to Public Services Co-Production
    Francesca Magno, Fabio Cassia
  • Towards Uniformly Developed Municipalities, a Serbian Perspective
    Predrag Maletic, Marija Kreca, Veljko Jeremic, Aleksandar Djokovic
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques Can Work for Better Services? The Case of Italian Banking Industry
    Antonella Malinconico, Chiara Frigerio, Assunta Leone
  • Implications on the Design and Methodology of a Strategic Planning Process in a University
    Margarida Mano, Fernando Carvalho, Marisa Silva, Filipe Rocha
  • From Prosumers to Persumers: The Implementation of a Real Involving (Services) Marketing
    Alberto Marino
  • Organizational Change, Compliance and Management Control Systems: A Survey on Italian Public Utilities
    Marcello Martinez, Mario Pezzillo Iacono, Caterina Galdiero, Riccardo Mercurio
  • Public-Private Partnerships in the Italian Healthcare Sector: The Analysis of Organizational Forms
    Marcello Martinez, Mario Pezzillo Iacono, Caterina Galdiero, Riccardo Mercurio
  • Coventry University Business Improvement Training (CUBIT). The Application of Lean Thinking Within the UK University Sector
    Steve Martin, Wendy Garner, Ivan Arokiam, Ian Wilson
  • Maintaining ISO 9001 Certification. The Case of Vietnam
    Jacques Martin, Nguyen Minh Tuan
  • Co-Innovation in Creative-Intensive Business Services: The Role of Clients in Advertising Agencies’ Innovation Processes
    Barbara Masiello, Alessandra Marasco, Francesco Izzo
  • ISO 9001 Certification: The Customers’ Perspective
    Diana Matias, Paulo Sampaio, Ana Cristina Braga
  • The Impact of Hotel Reviews Posted by Guests on Customers’ Purchase Process and Expectations
    Aurelio G. Mauri, Roberta Minazzi
  • Facilitating network-building services for social innovation: the case of “The HUB (Milano)”
    Angelo Miglietta, Matteo Pessione, Fabio Cassia
  • Schools Self-Assessment: A Study on the Levels of Stakeholders’ Involvement in the Process
    Patrícia Moura e Sá, Isabel Maia
  • The Development of Customer Relationship Capital by Small Rural Service Firms
    David Moyes
  • Care Services in Community Pharmacies: The Italian Pharmacist’s Perspective
    Giancarlo Nadin, Giulio Cesare Pacenti
  • The Management of a Project for the Services Quality Improvement in the Tourism Sector – The Emas/Ecolabel Certification of a Touristic Structure in South Italy
    Pierluigi Passaro, Roberto Carella, Lucia Russo
  • Application of Contemporary Cost Management Concept in Serbian Local Government
    Tijana Obradović, Veljko Dmitrović, Milica Latinović
  • An In-Depth Study of Public Administrations: The Shift from Citizen Relationship Management to Stakeholder Relationship Governance
    Marco Pellicano, Maria V. Ciasullo, Giulia Monetta, Maureen Galvin
  • Innovative Systems in Italian Tourism. So-Called “Extended” Hotels
    Marco Pellicano, Giulia Monetta
  • Methodologies for Integrated Quality Assessment in Higher Education Institutions
    Ana Isabel Carmona Pereira Louro, Luís Lourenço, Pedro Saraiva
  • Methodological Improvement for Higher Environmental Education: A Flexible Approach
    Nataša Petrović, Mirjana Drakulić, Sonja Išljamović, Veljko Jeremić, Ratimir Drakulić
  • Higher Education Dropout: Exploratory Study in the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal
    António Pires, Helena Gonçalves
  • Study of the Pressure on Faculty Members Regarding Passing the Students
    Ahmed Ali Qureshi, Saima Afzal
  • Organizational Change & Design for Strategy Deployment
    António Ramos Pires, Ana Rolo Alves
  • Online Relationships and Dialogue Orientation in the Italian Hospitality Industry
    Stefania Romenti, Roberta Minazzi, Grazia Murtarelli
  • People Management in Welfare Sector. An Empirical Investigation on Job Satisfaction among People-Care Workers in Italy
    Daria Sarti
  • Efficiency Prediction of a New Participant in the Market on the Example of the Banking Sector in Serbia
    Sava Savic, Milica Bulajic, Gordana Savic
  • Logistic Impact on Food Price
    Malihe Shahidan, Mehrzad Netadj
  • Towards an Estimate of Adverse Events in Healthcare in Slovenia: Challenges in Implementing a National Survey
    Biserka Simčič, Mircha Poldrugovac
  • The Influence of TQM on Employees’ Work-Related Attitudes and Behavior
    Vera Silva Carlos, Luís Lourenço, Luís Mendes
  • A New Paradigm for Higher Education
    Yossi Raanan
  • Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Tourism: Empirical Evidence from the Province of Pesaro Urbino
    Simone Splendiani, Tonino Pencarelli, Mauro Dini
  • An Analysis of the Restrictions on the Competitive Readiness of Australian Businesses Due to Their Lack of Formal Quality Management Systems
    Lee E.J. Styger
  • Spin-Off for the Management for the Quality and Innovation in the University of Oviedo. Technical Office for Quality and Innovation (TOQi).
    Alberto Álvarez-Suárez, Javier Alonso, Ramiro Martís, Pablo Albañil, Miguel Pascual
  • Teaching Innovation Projects Associated with the Introduction of the New Information Technologies (ICTS) Improve Expected Educational Results: The Case of Engineering Studies at the University of Oviedo
    Alberto Álvarez-Suárez, Miguel Angel Pascual, Javier Alonso, Ramón Fuentes, Carlos Catalán, Ramiro Martís
  • The Relevance of Economic Reasons for Governmental Choices on Renewable Energies in Italy
    Federico Testa, Francesca Simeoni
  • Creating Value in Higher Education Institutions
    Ivan Tomašević, Dragana Stojanović, Barbara Simeunović, Milić Radović, Bisera Andrić-Gušavac
  • What’s in a Name? Quality in the Public Sector after the Great Recession
    Walter Tucker
  • Elderly and Health Care Services: The Elements Characterizing the Patient Satisfaction
    Alessandra Tzannis, Giancarlo Nadin
  • Quality and Destination Image: Differences between Visitors and Non-Visitors. An Italian Perspective on South Africa
    Vania Vigolo
  • Business Model Innovation of Complex Service Providers: A Quest for Fit
    Ivanka Visnjic, Andy Neely
  • Mobile Learning and Improvement of Environmental Education
    Vladimir Vujin, Nataša Petrovid, Sonja Išljamović, Drago Vuk, Marjan Senegačnik
  • Approaches for Reducing Medical Errors and Increasing Patent Safety: TRM, Quality and 5QS Method
    Mosad Zineldin, Jonas Zineldin, Valentina Vasicheva