13th TVC (Coimbra, 2010)

Proceedings of 13th Toulon-Verona Conference on “Excellence in Services”

University of Coimbra  |  28-29 August 2010


  • Index
  • Prediction of the Student Success Rate by means of Quality Teaching Survey Variables Applying a Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (Mars) Models
    Ramiro Martís, Javier Alonso, Carlos Catalán, Ramón Fuentes, Alberto A. Suárez
  • Key Performance Indicators in Higher Education Institutions – Average Time of Completion a Degree
    Margarida Mano, Rodrigo Lourenço
  • An Evaluation System of the Performance in Italian University Case Study: University of Foggia
    Claudio Nigro, Enrica Iannuzzi
  • Statistical Properties of a New Student Satisfaction Index
    Stefano Barone, Eva Lo Franco
  • Using a Peer and Self Observation Approach to Facilitate the Adoption of Active Learning Methodologies in Engineering Lecture Classes
    Bill Williams, Isabel Carvalho
  • Preincubation and Incubation – Services Aiding Students’ Development
    Dariusz Przybył, Łukasz Grudzień
  • New Methods of Professional Training for Employees in Education
    Mirjana Drakulić, Svetlana Jovanović, Nevenka Žarkić-Joksimović, Ratimir Drakulić
  • Student Entrepreneurship. The Influence of the Education System on the Entrepreneurship of University Graduates
    Dariusz Przybył, Łukasz Grudzień
  • A Content Analysis of European Universities’ Mission Statements
    Deogratias Bugandwa Mungu Akonkwa, Robert Leslie Lowe
  • Value Creation of Formative Offer. Implications for University Governance In Italy
    Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Giulia Monetta
  • Human Relationships in the Academic Environment. Empirical Evidences from an Italian University
    Salvatore La Rosa, Eva Lo Franco
  • Quality Culture and Quality Assessment in Higher Education – The Experience of University of Minho
    Irene Montenegro, Natércia Morais, Isabel M. Santos, José Fernandes, Sérgio M. Santos, Graciete Dias
  • Valuing University as a Brand
    Nevenka Zarkic Joksimovic, Mirjana Vesovic, Iva Joksimovic
  • Quality Management System in a Portuguese Higher Polytechnic Institute. Difficulties and Potentialities
    António Ramos Pires
  • A One Concept for Measuring Results of Environmental Education for Sustainability: Ecological Footprint
    Veljko Jeremić, Sonja Išljamović, Nataša Petrović
  • Quality Assessment in Higher Education Institutions
    Pedro Saraiva, Luís Lourenço, Ana Isabel Carmona Pereira Louro
  • Accreditation and Quality: An Evaluation Model for PR and Communication Degree Courses in Italy
    Emanuele Invernizzi, Stefania Romenti, Silvia Biraghi
  • Lean Thinking in Higher Education: Using the Push-Pull Model for Online Graduate Courses Serving Mid-Career Professionals
    Bob Lahidji, Walter Tucker
  • Quality in Academic Services of the University of Évora – The Implementation of the Common Assessment Framework Tool
    Teresa Nogueiro, Margarida Saraiva
  • Curriculum Development for Higher Environmental Education in Un Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
    Nataša Petrović, Dušan Andrijašević
  • University Communication Mix and the Role of Social Network Sites. Is Direct Presence of the College Really Desired By Students?
    Barbara Aquilani, Alessandro Lovari
  • Knowledge Management Challenges
    Mia Ljungblom, Jacob Hallencreutz, Raine Isaksson
  • Effect of Gemba-Power and Core-Competence on Activation of Firm
    Fumiyoshi Miyashita, Yoshimasa Matsui, Tsutomu Izui
  • Relationships in Creative Networks: A Comparison between Florence and Paris
    Gaetano Aiello, Raffaele Donvito, Silvia Ranfagni
  • The Economic Impact of Nautical Tourism: An Italian Experience on Lake Garda
    Nicola Cobelli, Francesca Simeoni, Marta Ugolini, Vania Vigolo
  • The Improvement of the Museum Heritage and its Use as a Tourist Resource
    Anna Fortunato
  • Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Transports: Levers of Competitiveness for Achieving an Effective Exploitation of the Territory
    Salvatore La Rosa, Graziella Maria Adriana Sanfilippo
  • Travel Agencies in Alicante, Spain: A Productivity Analysis
    Alberto Álvarez-Suárez, Ramón Fuentes
  • Marketing Museum Networks: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence
    Tonino Pencarelli, Simone Splendiani
  • Productivity of Travel Agencies in Alicante, Spain: Additional Results
    Ramón Fuentes
  • Quality and the Volunteer Experience: Heritage Training in Tourism
    Siobhan Drummond, Michele Cano
  • Electronic Channels for Small Sized Hotel Businesses: Some Insights from the Italian Case
    Simone Guercini, Andrea Runfola, Massimo Rosati
  • From Industrial Museums to Cultural Industry. An Empirical Exploration of How This Heritage Is Being Safeguarded by the Members Of Museimpresa
    Paola Castellani, Chiara Rossato, Laura Ciarmela
  • Service Science, Management, Engineering and Design and its Suggestions for Destination Management
    Luca Carrubbo
  • Web Communities as Instruments to Improve Museum Services and Communication Activities
    Matteo Pessione, Fabio Cassia
  • Which Quality for System Competitiveness? The “Long tail” Touristic Service Case
    Luciano Pilotti, Alessandra Tedeschi-Toschi, Roberta Apa
  • Quality, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance: An Exploratory Study
    António Fernandes, Teresa Felgueira, Luís Lourenço
  • Moderating Effects of Communication Direction on Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A Factorial ANOVA Technique
    Sajid Khattak, Amanat Ali
  • Job Characteristics and their Implications on the Behaviours and Satisfaction Levels of Call Center Employees: A Study on a Large Telecomunicatios Company
    Ana Cristina Pinto de Sá, Patrícia Moura e Sá
  • Integrated Management Systems – Advantages, Problems and Possibilities
    Sten Abrahamsson, Jonas Hansson, Raine Isaksson
  • Management Systems Integration: A Synergistic Approach
    J.P.T. Domingues, P. Sampaio, P.M. Arezes
  • A Successful Implementation of the Strategy-Focused Excellence In DarouPakhsh Holding (DPH) by Combination of EFQM and BSC
    Gholamhossein Farzandi, Mohammad Reza Sakaki, Meisam Saffarinejad
  • An Analysis of Food Safety Management Systems Certification: The Portuguese Case
    Sofia Teixeira, Paulo Sampaio
  • Create Value by the Interaction between Company and Customer
    Antonella Angelini
  • Estimation of Attribute Importance by Choice Time in a Ranking Task
    Stefano Barone, Alberto Lombardo, Pietro Tarantino
  • An Approach for Adapting Kano’s Theory to Consider the Weighted Degree of Requirements’ Performance
    Christian Kern, Sandra Klute, Robert Refflinghaus
  • On the Effects of the Consumer/Sovereign Ideology
    Federico Brunetti
  • Distances in Public Administrators’ and Elected Officials’ Perspectives on Services Quality: Exploring the Implications for Citizens’ Role in Quality Improvement Processes
    Fabio Cassia, Francesca Magno
  • Alliances and Groupings in the Local Public Transportation Sector. A Preliminary Survey of Strategic Motivations
    Alessandro Danovi, Dimitris Karletsos
  • Quality and Safety Systems as Perceived by Managers: A Case Study in Institutions for Elderly
    Glória Antunes, António Pires, Virgílio Machado
  • Board Compensation in the Italian Public Utilities
    Anna Menozzi, Fabrizio Erbetta, Giovanni Fraquelli
  • A Proposal for the Self-Assessement of a Water Utility Based on the EFQM-Model: The Case of AC, Águas de Coimbra
    Maria Telo, Patricia Moura e Sá
  • Social Policies for Immigrants: Between Territorial Differentiations and to Welfare Local
    Anna Fortunato
  • Customers’ and Frontline Employees’ Views of Service Quality: A Study Applied to a Railway Line
    Patrícia Moura e Sá, José Lemos
  • Early Findings of the Theories of Codesign in the Public Sector: The Gorle Case
    Mauro Cavallone
  • Creativity Management in the Public Sector
    Marisa Silva, Margarida Mano, Pedro Andrade Saraiva
  • Six Sigma Methodologies in Statistical Control Application to Improve Production Performance and Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Ivan De Noni, Andrea Ganzaroli, Luigi Orsi
  • The Evolving Dynamics of Service Co-Creation in a Viable Systems Perspective
    Gaetano M. Golinelli, Sergio Barile, Jim Spohrer, Clara Bassano
  • Cooperative Model of New Service Development. The Case of Teletext in Serbia
    Sanja Marinkovic, Maja Levi Jaksic, Jovana Kojic
  • Risk Management in SMEs – New Approach and New Tools
    Yossi Raanan
  • Examining Service Quality Dimensions in Fitness Centres
    Yvonne Lagrosen, Stefan Lagrosen
  • BPM and ISO: Friends or Foes?
    Ivan Tomašević, Dragana Stojanović, Barbara Simeunović, Milić Radović
  • A Conceptual Service Quality Map: The Value of a Wide Opened Perspective
    Claudio Baccarani, Marta Ugolini, Angelo Bonfanti
  • An Evaluation of the Quality of Regulatory Review Process for Marketing Pharmaceutical Products in Iran and Its Impact on Patient’s Access to Medicines
    Seyed Hamid Mostafavi, Sam Salek, Stuart Walker
  • Trying to Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice and Make Safety Recommendations Work Effectively
    Enrico Baldantoni, M.G. Allegretti, P. Barelli, L. Flor, C. Franceschini, E. Torri
  • Quality and Satisfaction in Healthcare Services
    Fernanda Vital, Miguel Gonçalves, Luis Lourenço
  • Organization, Governance and Managerial Control of Public and Private: The Analysis of Organizational Mechanism Maturity
    Riccardo Mercurio, Marcello Martinez, Caterina Galdiero, Marina Cerbo, Maria Rosaria Perrini
  • Study into the Use of Lean in UK National Health Trusts
    Michele Cano, Athanassios Kourouklis, Siobhan Drummond, Tendai Shanna
  • Patient’s Continuity of Care and Liaison Nurse: Two for the Road
    Enrico Baldantoni, M.G. Allegretti, P. Barelli, L. Flor, C. Franceschini, A. Guarnier, E. Torri
  • Quality and Non-Quality in the Health Sector
    Sandra Bertezene, Jacques Martin
  • Web-Communication in Healthcare. A Comparison between an Italian and a U.S. Experience. A Preliminary Study
    Annamaria Esposito
  • The Role of the Ministry of Health in Developing Healthcare Quality
    Biserka Simčič, Mircha Poldrugovac
  • Economic and Social Efficiency in Health Service Provision: Can One Square the Circle?
    Teresa Carla Oliveira, Sara Gabriela Alves Diogo
  • Identifying Critical Innovations in Supply Networks Using System Models – The Case of Wind Power on Gotland
    Mathias Cöster, Raine Isaksson
  • Container Positioning Strategies for Managing the Terminal Storage Areas
    Alberto Lombardo, Rossella Burruano
  • Global Supply Chain Management and Innovation
    Malihe Shahidan, Mehrzad Netadj
  • Increasing the Flexibility of Manual Picking by Using Adjustable Inspection Strategies
    Jonas Mathis, Robert Refflinghaus, Daniel Strothotte
  • Improving Supply Networks – Identifying Drivers for Sustainable Change Using Process Models
    Raine Isaksson, Mathias Cöster
  • The Trade Marketing Boxes: A New Perspective in the Distribution Services Industry
    Alberto Marino
  • Banking Services and the Role of Banks’ Network
    Michele Modina, Andrea Quintiliani
  • Impact of Environmental Management Orientation on Service Quality in Financial Service Sector
    Gil Gomes Dos Santos, Gerald Reiner
  • Evolution from Rigid Maps to Critical Reflexive Mirrors in Management Models
    Rafael Espinosa
  • The Quality of Banking Services as a Competitiveness Factor
    Draginja Durić, Dragica Mihajlović
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