The Coordinator guarantees the on-going monitoring of the implementation of the project and the use of resources on the basis of the Project guidelines and the operative work plan. All the monitoring activities are conveyed into reports on the outputs and results of the Project.

Two internal evaluation reports will be published by the end of the first year (2018) and of the second year (2019).

The external evaluator will publish a mid-term external evaluation report and a final external evaluation report.

Moreover, after the completion of the training sessions, short-term evaluation questionnaires will be distributed to the trainees to gather useful information and comments on the overall organization and training contents. The outcomes will be collected in a report. The template and the report are open access.

A long-term evaluation questionnaire will be sent to all the trainees who attended CLASS4EU training sessions to assess the extent to which training sessions improved their knowledge or supported their daily professional activities.

Finally, also minutes of the Project meetings will be drafted to describe coordination and management activities.

Please note that the internal and external reports and the minutes are protected: you are kindly required to ask access via e-mail to Thank you.