University of Verona (Italy)  

Roberta Capitello (Project Coordinator)


e-mail: roberta.capitello@univr.it

Diego Begalli


e-mail: diego.begalli@univr.it

Riccardo Scarpa

RScarpa, 11 aprile 2017  CV

e-mail: riccardo.scarpa@univr.it

Luca Zarri

foto, 5 gennaio 2016  CV

e-mail: luca.zarri@univr.it

Ioana Claudia Todirica

e-mail: ioanaclaudia.todirica@univr.it

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development (Norway)

Natalia Maehle


e-mail: natalia.mehle@hvl.no

Jarle Aarstad


e-mail: jarle.aarstad@hvl.no

Stig-Erik Jakobsen


e-mail: stig-erik.jakobsen@hvl.no

 Geisenheim University (Germany)

Gergely Szolnoki

e-mail: gergely.szolnoki@hs-gm.de

Signe Nelgen

e-mail: signe.nelgen@googlemail.com

Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania)

Gabriel Popescu

e-mail: popescug2004@yahoo.co.uk

Nicolae Istudor

e-mail: nicolae.istudor@ase.ro

Dan Boboc

e-mail: dan.boboc@eam.ase.ro

Florentina Constantin

e-mail: florentina.constantin@eam.ase.ro

Maria Claudia Diaconeasa


e-mail: mariaclaudia.diaconeasa@gmail.com

Alina Zaharia


e-mail: alina.zaharia00@gmail.com

Sustainable food and drink choice is a complicated and multi-faceted phenomenon influenced by a variety of factors of different nature and often contradictory considerations. Therefore, SUSCHOICE adopts a multidisciplinary approach to address this complexity. The research network includes experts of marketing (Roberta Capitello, Natalia Maehle, Diego Begalli, Gergely Szolnoki), consumer sociology, culture and psychology (Sofia Ulver), public and environmental economics and discrete choice modelling (Riccardo Scarpa), behavioural economics (Luca Zarri), innovation, entrepreneurship and regional policy (Stig-Erik Jakobsen, Aarle Aarstad), and rural economics and policy (Gabriel Popescu, Nicolae Istudor, Dan Boboc, Florentina Constantin). This multidisciplinary combination allows the project to analyse sustainable consumer behaviour in an integrated manner by using different theoretical and methodological perspectives.