Four research teams from four European countries are working together to investigate the consumption behaviour of European young adults related to sustainable food and drink. Their goal is to understand which are the determinants facilitating consumer’s choice towards more sustainable food and drinks and how to overcome the barriers hindering sustainable consumption behaviours in Europe.

Most consumers claim to be willing to buy sustainable food and drink products, however the share of sustainable products in total consumption remains low. This phenomenon is called “Attitude-Behaviour Gap”. It can only partially be explained by the individual consumer characteristics. This means that there are other factors, still ignored in most studies, which prevent changes in purchase and consumption choices among young generations in Europe.

There is the need to consider a wider range of determinants of the sustainable food and drink choice.

To address this issue, SUSCHOICE has a two-fold purpose:

  • to identify the effects of different factors (macro, structural and individual) influencing consumers’ sustainable food and drink choices in five European countries and
  • to evaluate the public policy and marketing strategies for promoting sustainable food and drink consumption.

SUSCHOICE focuses on young adults as they represent the consumers of the future and influence food choices of both previous and future generations.

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