SUSCHOICE kick-off meeting: November 21-22, 2018, Palermo

We announce the SUSCHOICE kick-off meeting. It will take place in Palermo on the occasion of the MeBiForum, an industrial forum on “Mediterranean Biodiversity”. MeBiForum is an event of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.
The programme of the kick-off meeting is:
– November 21, afternoon: Opening of the kick-off meeting. Presentation of the SUSCHOICE project: goals, activities and deadlines
– November 22, morning: Pleanary presentation and workshop at Fruit&Veg Forum on “SUSCHOICE: a new model of interaction between academics and businesses to evaluate future fruit&veg consumer lifestyles ” by the project leader
– November 22, afternoon:  Presentation of WP2 framework, activities and deadlines by WP2 leaders. Discussion. Steering Committee meeting.  Final remarks and kick-off meeting conclusion.