Report September-December 2015

1 September 2015 (Starting date of the Project)

Meeting of the Project Team, composed by the Academic Coordinator Prof Maria Caterina Baruffi, the Module Leader Caterina Fratea, Isolde Quadranti (EDC Documentalist) and Diletta Danieli (Summer School Tutor), with the participation of Cinzia Peraro. It was aimed at planning the following activities and in particular the first event to be organised, namely the Inaugural Conference scheduled in November 2015 (Event Nr. 1).

Prof Baruffi assigned the activities as follows:

  • Baruffi and Isolde are in charge of organising the Conference;
  • Caterina, in cooperation with Diletta, is in charge of the Summer School-related activities, beginning with the adjustment and finalisation of the programme for the 2016 Edition;
  • Isolde supervises the realisation of the Project’s website. Diletta and Cinzia support her by checking periodically the creation of the website;
  • Diletta, in cooperation with Cinzia, manages the creation and update of the Project’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Jean Monnet Community), as well as the update the Project’s results on the Erasmus+ Beneficiary Dashboard (under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator);
  • Cinzia helps in preparing all the promotional materials and carries out the related activities, from the graphic design to their progressive update.

The Team decided that the Project’s website is going to be hosted on the European Documentation Centre’s website and created by the IT Offices of the Law Department of the University of Verona. The website is divided into sections thanks to a navigation menu that provides for a clear overview of all its contents. It contains extensive information not only on the Conferences and the Summer School, but also on every scientific activity related to the Project (the newsletter, selected teaching materials, articles drafted by the teaching staff of the Summer School and published on the open access e-journal Papers di diritto europeo, the policy brief). With regard to the events, it also collects useful information about registrations and accreditation. Moreover, it keeps track on the progress of the activities by means of periodic reports published in a specific section.


September 2015

Prof. Baruffi and Isolde contacted the speakers listed in the Conference’s draft programme, in order to verify their availability and to choose the suitable location for the event at the Law Department. Some difficulties have however arisen and it turned out to be quite difficult to stick to that draft programme. The main concerns regarded other important venues happening in the city during the month of November and professional commitments of the key speakers. In order to give the event an higher visibility, the Team then opted to postpone the Conference to February or March 2016, when the second semester at the University is due to start. In this way the event is also scheduled closer to the beginning of the Summer School, which can be then better promoted.

Consequently, the creation of the Newsletter (Deliverable Nr. 1) needed to be postponed as well, so Diletta kept track of the progressive developments and updates in order to deliver its first issue as soon as the event’s organisation was finalised.

Cinzia started creating the promotional materials (both in Italian and English language) that consist in

  • a wide promo poster (2016 Edition), that provides essential information on both the Summer School and the Inaugural Conference, specifying the location and the deadlines for registrations to the two events;
  • a Conference programme’s poster (2016 Edition), with extensive information on the key speakers and the title of their speeches, as well as the introductory remarks;
  • a brochure (2016 Edition) that provides information on the whole Project and it is further subdivided into three sections: an introduction on the Project, a presentation of the 2016 Conference and one of the 2016 Summer School.

As to the Project’s website, Isolde worked with the IT Offices in order to lay out its graphics and to plan the creation of how many pages were needed. Moreover, an e-mail dedicated to the Project was also created:

Caterina submitted the necessary requests to the Administrative Offices of the Law Department and the University in order to carry out the procedure of accrediting the Univr Fashion Week Summer School as an institutional course within the University activities. After their approval, the dates of the course were arranged: the 2016 Edition is going to be held from 20 June to 25 June.

Also, Diletta and Cinzia created a draft headed paper template as part of the materials that will be useful during the whole Project’s span. The headed paper template, complete with the Project’s logo and contacts, is going to be used for example for reports and papers.


October 2015

Prof. Baruffi with Isolde continued to organise the Conference throughout the month, in particular accomodating the speakers’s requests to the choice of a suitable date. Also, Isolde started to get in touch with other Departments of the University of Verona, practitioners’ associations and other potential attendees as part of the dissemination activity.

Caterina contacted the Summer School Teaching Staff members in order to accommodate their requests into a final version of the programme, asking in particular for the exact title of the lectures and the suitable day and hours for every lecture and workshop (Events Nr. 2, 3, 4 and 5). In cooperation with Isolde, she started to get in touch with other Departments of the University of Verona, practitioners’ associations and other potential attendees as part of the dissemination activity.

Cinzia and Diletta focused on arranging the contents of the website pages:

  • Cinzia created the templates for the files “Presentation of the Project”, “Presentation of the Conference”, “Objectives and Monitoring”, and suggested some amendments to the website’s graphics;
  • Diletta developed the contents of the website’s pages (Presentation of the Project, Presentation of the Conference, Objectives and Monitoring, Presentation of the Summer School, Admission module for the Summer School, Teaching Staff Members’ List, Contacts, Registrations and Accreditation, Scientific Activities, with the descriptions of the Newsletter, Didactic Materials, Papers di diritto europeo and the Policy brief).


November 2015

Isolde, in cooperation with the IT Offices, started running some technical tests with the Project’s website, checking its functionality, updating draft materials, modifying graphics and visual aspects. Meanwhile, Diletta and Cinzia updated all the contents to be uploaded, verified the consistency of the provisional homepage and pages, and suggested amendments and improvements.

Diletta created the file of the Project’s “Objectives and Monitoring”, which contained also the periodic reports’ deadlines:

  • in December, to monitor the first months of activities;
  • in April, after the Conference has taken place;
  • in July, after the Summer School has taken place;
  • by the end of August, after the activities.

She also created an evaluation survey template, which is going to be delivered to the participants to the Project’s events in order to get their feedback. The Project Team is going to perform a comparative analysis on the results of the questionnaires and therefore provide useful indications to better organise the following editions, as well as to fine-tune their contents according to the suggestions and proposals received from the participants.

Cinzia continued her work on the promotional materials, keeping track of every update in order to modify accordingly the posters and the brochure.


December 2015

Prof Baruffi, Isolde and Caterina sent to the Conference’s speakers, as well as the Summer School Teaching Staff Members, a save-the-date e-mail on the Conference date (18 March 2016) and on Summer School first edition (20-25 June 2016), also thanking them for their precious collaboration.

The Project’s website was almost complete, even though some difficulties arose while updating the promotional materials:

  • Isolde checked the technical aspects, suggested some amendments and uploaded a draft version of the materials to test the website’s functioning;
  • Diletta verified the contents before the upload on the website’s homepage and pages;
  • Cinzia finalised the graphics of the Conference poster, Promo poster and brochure.

The Project Team decided to adjourn the final details for the next meeting in January.


Verona, December 2015