The Project

The Project

The Project “Univr Fashion Week” (565055-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE) is co-funded by the European Union as a Jean Monnet Module 2015-2018 within the Erasmus+ Programme given its relevance in the framework of the EU policies.

The Project envisages the organisation of three editions (2016, 2017 and 2018) of the Summer School on the fashion industry in the European Union that consists of lectures addressing fashion-related issues examined from a legal and economic perspective. The course is also supported by other scientific activities, including the organisation of conferences, the publication of a periodic newsletter, open access articles on the online journal Papers di diritto europeo and, at the completion of the Project lifetime, a policy brief.

The Project intends to foster the mutual interaction between academia and entrepreneurs.


The Project “Univr Fashion Week”, through the realisation of the Summer School and the related scientific activities, aims at further promoting the study of European Union law.

The choice of focusing on the legal and economic aspects of the fashion industry makes it possible to provide a comprehensive preparation on subject matters that are, on the one hand, directly regulated by European Union law, and on the other, indirectly influenced or to a limited extent.

Following a cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary approach, innovative study perspectives are therefore developed. This not only allows to expand the areas of European Union studies and research within the Law Department of the University of Verona, but also to foster skills and professional experience of the teaching staff members on specific topics of fashion law and economics. The Project thus provides for an academic added value.

Moreover, the interaction between academic education and employment, in particular within the Veneto Region, is going to be strengthened. The involvement of academics, legal practitioners and professionals from the fashion industry during the Project lifetime makes it possible to establish a fruitful cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises and stakeholders from the Veneto Region.

Also, in the long-term, the Project envisages a dialogue between the academia and the European Union policymakers. In particular, at the end of the Project span, a policy brief on the most relevant issues, selected from the studies carried out thus far, is planned among the outputs. This endeavours to impact directly on the fashion industry’s policies and objectives in order to enhance its competitiveness and employment opportunities.


In order to fulfil the objectives of the Project, a monitoring activity is envisaged during the whole Project lifetime.

It includes the creation and distribution of questionnaires to be submitted to the participants to the activities, which aim at both a self-evaluation of the acquired competences and an assessment of the events’ arrangement and delivery. The purpose is therefore to allow an active involvement of attendees.

Two sets of questionnaires are going to be created for each year of the Project, in order to cover the different activities:

  • the first regards the Conference, where the Project and the Summer School will be presented;
  • the second is about the lectures and workshops organised during the Summer School.

The results of the questionnaires submitted in each edition of said activities will undergo a comparative analysis by the Project Team. They will therefore provide useful indications to better organise the following editions, as well as to fine-tune their contents according to the suggestions and proposals received from the participants.

In addition, periodic reports (in English language) on the Project results are also drafted, divided per year and according to a precise timetable. The reports will refer to:

  • September – December, on the first months of activities;
  • January – March, after the Conference has taken place;
  • April – June, after the Summer School has taken place;
  • July – August, on the last months activities.

All reports are published on this webpage.

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