2016 Conference

The Project “Univr Fashion Week” was presented on 18 March 2016 during the Conference on “The Fashion Industry in the European Union” held at the Law Department of the University of Verona (Main Hall, Via Carlo Montanari, 9 – 37122 Verona).

Academics, legal practitioners working in the fashion industry, and experts on innovation and management offered an overview of the main challenges that the Italian and European fashion industry is facing within the globalised market. The discussion also provided ideas and suggestions on the issues that were further deepened during the Summer School lectures and its related activities.

The Conference was organised in two sessions: the first one (h 10.30-13) addressed the topics of imaging, innovation and fiscal advice; the second one (h 14.30-17) focused on historical aspects and legal counselling. Members of the Teaching Staff of the Summer School were also listed as planned speakers.

Attendance to the Conference was open to all the interested audience and was part of the accredited training programme of Bar Association of Verona (3 credits), Journalists Association Regional Council of Veneto (5 credits); Didactic Boards of Communications Studies (1 credit), Law (1 credit), Languages and Literatures (1 credit), PhD School in Law and Economics of the University of Verona (1,25 credit).

At the end of the event, evaluation questionnaires were distributed, whose results and data were collected on the 2016 January – April Report on the Project activities. Overall, the initiative was successful and positively assessed by the participants that were around 200.


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