Scientific Activities

The Project envisages the implementation of scientific activities aimed at divulgating the results of the Jean Monnet Module not only in the academic community, but also to all interested audience. In particular:

  • thanks to a periodic newsletter, events and information related to the conference and Summer School are spread;
  • after the completion of the single event, materials (presentations, slides and discussion papers) are collected and revised in order to be uploaded on the Project website and to further promote contents to a wider public;
  • the publication of a special edition on the specialised Journal “Papers di diritto europeo”, edited by the European Documentation Centre of the University of Verona. It is aimed at disseminating the research studies carried out by the teaching staff members of the Summer School, mainly the young academics;
  • the collection of bibliografical references aims at supplying academic community and interested public with more material on fashion law;
  • finally, the realisation of a policy brief at the completion of the three-year Project is aimed at gathering information, collecting useful data and analysing the main topics related to the fashion industry in the European Union. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive study by identifying possible area of intervention at national and European level, as well as to foster the interaction between academics and entrepreneurs.
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