Report July – August 2018

July 2018
After the Project Team briefing that was coordinated by Prof Baruffi and took place on 25 June, the planned activities have been carried out throughout the end of the second year of the project.
The Report on the activities from April to June 2018 was finalised and uploaded on the project website on 3 July. It contains a detailed analysis of the activities performed both before and after the Summer School, as well as a description of the course itself and its delivery. In addition, a report regarding the outcomes of the Summer School evaluation surveys is provided in the annex.
Following the delivery of the Summer School, the Law Department offices took care of the administrative and financial aspects of the project, namely the collection of the required documents from the Teaching Staff members and the payment of their fees. In this regard, Caterina and Isolde were involved in keeping contact with the teachers in order to facilitate the communication and the collection of the documents.
Diletta and Cinzia collected the scientific articles for the publication of the 2018 special edition of the e-journal Papers di diritto europeo. This activity followed the delivery of the third edition of the Summer School on the fashion industry in the European Union, which was held at the Law Department of the University of Verona from 18 to 22 June 2018, in order to further deepen the research on such topics, as well as to provide a wider dissemination of the project’s results. The articles were drafted by members of the Teaching Staff of the Summer School, analysing selected subject matters that were part of the programme of the course with the aim of fostering the academic value of the project. Under the supervision of Prof Baruffi, the Project Team reviewed the articles according to the editing criteria of the online peer-review open-access journal edited by the European Documentation Centre. The special issue was then published on 26 July by Isolde, who is in charge of the realisation and uploading of contents on the official website of the EDC (, and is available both on the project website (on the specific section dedicated to the project’s scientific activities) and the e-journal webpage (
As further Teaching Staff members were actually committed in submitting their own articles for the publication, but were not able to meet the deadline due to conflicting schedules, Prof Baruffi deemed advisable to grant an extended deadline. Therefore, an updated version of the 2018 special edition of the e-journal Papers di diritto europeo is envisaged within the following weeks.
With regard to the internship opportunities offered to the Summer School attendees, after the completion of the course, the Project Team informed the participants about the potential legal offices or companies available.
Cinzia started drafting the policy brief, which is based on the topics dealt with during the three editions of the Summer School and is focused on the main issues related to the fashion industry in the EU.
Social network accounts (Twitter and Facebook) were constantly updated with new contents and information, as well as project results on the Erasmus+ participant portal.
August 2018
Diletta drafted the Newsletter n. 3/2018 and uploaded it on 22 August 2018. Its content includes a short description of the Summer School outcomes and its follow-up activities, namely the 2018 special edition of the e-journal Papers di diritto europeo, as well as some highlights on other project-related activities, such as the publication of the Report on April – June 2018.
Cinzia updated the social network accounts (Facebook and Twitter), sharing interesting contents and updates on the project activities, and Diletta took care of updating the project results on the Erasmus+ participant portal.
Cinzia drafted the Report on the activities from July to August 2018, then uploaded on 22 August 2018, and the final time schedule of the third year of the project,  which was discussed and reviewed by the Project Team in order to have an overall analysis of the whole module.
Forthcoming activities regard the elaboration of the policy brief, drafted by Cinzia and to be reviewed by the Project Team members, and the preparation of the necessary documents for the final report to be submitted after the completion of the Module.
Verona, August 2018