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Summer school “Doing Business in Italy” is a study abroad opportunities organized by University of Verona (Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale) and University of North Florida (Coggin College of Business) provide both undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to take courses at University of Verona.

The institution has 22,000 students, and 1,500 teaching and non-teaching staff all dedicated to a continual process of growth and to the development of human, structural and financial resources.

According to the 2015 ranking of Italian universities made by the newspaper “Il Sole24Ore” the University of Verona is the best university in Italy.

Students will travel to Verona, Italy to study at the University of Verona from 7 May until 1 June.  The academic program consists for US students of two courses:

Doing Business in Italy, led by Professor Ivan Russo (Verona), introduces students to the practices, opportunities and challenges of businesses in Italy and the European Union.

International Economics, led by Professor Russell Triplett (UNF) explores theory and policy as it relates to trade, finance and development within the global economy.

In addition to coursework, students will participate in visits to local businesses and points of cultural and historical significance. The participants of this summer school will get an insight into companies and learn about their suc­cessful methods at first hand.

Located in the north of Italy, Verona is a beautiful, medium-sized city ideally situated for students who wish to pursue further travel throughout Italy and Europe.  The region represents a critical transit hub and hosts numerous firms specializing in transportation, logistics and supply-chain management.  Thus Verona is a province in a strategic logistics position, crossroads of Europe, located between the European corridors Lisbon-Kiev and Berlin-Palermo.

The territory has a good infrastructural system, which makes it extremely attractive for the location of production plants, also of foreign origin.

This program is co-sponsored by the UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program and by the Departimento di Economia Aziendale at University of Verona.

Free access to the internet and library will be provided by the university.

Afterwards, this program will be open to maximum 10 students attending University of Verona who meet the prerequisite requirements.

Prof. Ivan Russo,

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